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I guess this is where i start at im assuming you want to know my life story
and how i got to where im at.
Truth be told its a story pretty similiar to most young
low income people in a trailer .
I come from a small mill town name Erwin in North Carolina
where the mill closed down and went to mexico and theres more labs then good people
but in life it anit about what you got its how you use it. Its true ive been thru alot
kicked out of school, but i did graduate , alot of deaths around me, but it all tought a lession
iv learned that you experience struggles and shouldnt expect rest YesSER .
around 12 i started doing music making beats and what not, it wasnt untill i was 16 i really started focusin on it
i went to alot of open mics for a few years and still do eventually i got to the point where now i open up and
headline with artist
such as Petey Pablo, Esham, Project Born, Shawty Lo, A.M.B , Small World of DTP Records and many more
i also linked up and got taught a few music tips from emmy nom. artist T.O.N.E-z I have worked with alot of
different people
in my small amount of time but i still remain the same i make real music for real people

if you wanna know more listen to my music

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